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Biometrics / Information Assurance Area of Emphasis

Students in the MSSE program may elect to pursue the area of emphasis in Biometrics and Information Assurance. This requires completion of a set of specific courses set by the biometrics program. These courses may be counted as part of the MSSE coursework. A student may complete a coursework-only MSSE degree with the BIA area of emphasis without any additional credit hours required. The student pursuing the BIA option must first complete the normal five core courses for the MSSE program. In addition, the following courses are required:
  1. STAT 591F (Forensic Statistics)
  2. BIOM 426 (Concepts in Biometrics)
  3. CS 465 (Intro to Computer Security)
  4. EE 691Q (Advanced Biometrics)
  5. One additional biometrics elective
  6. One advanced software engineering elective
Please note that at the present time, the required biometrics courses must be completed on campus. They are not available through the extended learning program. For further information on the biometrics option, including the list of approved biometrics electives, please contact  Brian Woerner