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Graduate Syllabi

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
CpE 520 Application of Neural Networks
CpE 521 Applied Fuzzy Logic Syllabus
CpE 536 Computer Data Forensics Syllabus
CpE 538 Intro Computer Security Mgmt Syllabus
CpE 568 Computer Network Forensics Syllabus
CpE 585 Concurrent Programming in Java
CpE 643 Fault Tolerant Computing Syllabus
CpE 670 Switching Circuit Theory Syllabus
CpE 684 Advanced Real-Time Systems Syllabus

Computer Science

Computer Science
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
CS 510 Formal Specification of Language
CS 520 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms Syllabus
CS 525 Computational Complexity
CS 530 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
CS 533 Developing Portable Software Syllabus
CS 540 Theory of Database Systems
CS 550 Theory of Operating Systems
CS 552 Advanced Automata Theory
CS 554 Network Computing
CS 555 Advanced Computer Systems Architecture Syllabus
CS 556 Distributed and Pervasive Computing
CS 557 Software Engineering in Data Communications
CS 558 Multimedia Systems
CS 568 Computer Network Forensics Syllabus
CS 570 Interactive Computer Graphics
CS 572 Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques
CS 573 Advanced Data Mining Syllabus
CS 575 Artificial Neural Networks
CS 578 Medical Image Analysis
CS 623 String Algorithms
CS 630 Empirical Methods in SENG & CS Syllabus
CS 665 Computer System Security Syllabus
CS 677 Pattern Recognition
CS 726 Algorithmic Graph Theory
CS 727 Information Dissemination
CS 736 Software Performance Engineering
CS 740 Advanced Databases Theory
CS 750 Secure and Survivable Systems
CS 751 Digital Enterprises
CS 757 Distributed Systems and Algorithms Syllabus
CS 772 Global Knowledge Networks
CS 778 Medical Image Analysis
CS 791 String Algorithms Syllabus

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
EE 513 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Syllabus
EE 515 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory Syllabus
EE 517 Electrical Circuits
EE 519 Electrical Circuits Laboratory
EE 528 Digital Electronics
EE 531 Digital Electronics Laboratory
EE 533 Junior Instrumentation Lab. Syllabus
EE 535 Signals and Systems 1
EE 550 Signals and Systems Laboratory Syllabus
EE 551 Signals and Systems 2
EE 561 Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Systems Syllabus
EE 562 Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Systems Laboratory Syllabus
EE 565 Engineering Electromagnetics Syllabus
EE 567 Analog Electronics
EE 568 Analog Electronics Laboratory Syllabus
EE 613 Fundamentals of Control Systems
EE 625 Introduction to Digital Control
EE 650 Bioengineering
EE 713 Biometric Systems
EE 731 Electrical Power Distribution Systems
EE 733 Introduction to Power Electronics
EE 735 Power Systems Analysis

Software Engineering

Software Engineering
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
SENG 500 Programming Fundamentals with JAVA Syllabus
SENG 510 Software Project Management Syllabus
SENG 520 Software Analysis and Design Syllabus
SENG 530 Validation and Verification Syllabus
SENG 540 Software Evolution Syllabus
SENG 550 Object Oriented Design Syllabus
SENG 560 Software ReUse Syllabus
SENG 561 Agile Software Development Syllabus
SENG 564
Software Engineering of Mobile Applications
SENG 581 Quality Software Process Management Syllabus
SENG 582 Enterprise Architecture Frameworks Syllabus
SENG 650
Cloud Computing/Internet of Things
SENG 670 Data Analytics with Applications in Software Engineering Syllabus
SENG 691A Strategies for Managing Software Projects Syllabus
SENG 691C Software Engineering Economics Syllabus
SENG 691O Engineering Dependable Software Syllabus - See Instructor