Advanced Power & Electricity Research Center

The Advanced Power & Electricity Research Center (APERC) is a university-wide research center at West Virginia University.

The interdisciplinary center team, which includes power, mechanical and communications engineers, computer scientists, a mathematician and several economists, addresses electric power system research areas important to the state and the nation. APERC capitalizes on the challenge of change.

Our focus is on innovations in system-wide control using operational and economic data to allow companies to be profitable in a competitive market. We are interested equally in controls to ensure system reliability and availability for large-scale systems such as the transmission grid and for small-scale systems such as those found on warships. Optimal control designs can enhance power reliability when natural causes or human attacks occur.

Contact Info

Ali Feliachi, Director of APERC

Phone: 304.293.9690
Fax: 304.293.8602