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Nano-photonics Group

The Nanophotonics Group explores the integration of nanophotonic devices into multi-domain systems. The goal of this work is to develop novel device structures for defense, health, and biometric sensor applications.

Activities in this area include modeling, fabrication/growth, and characterization of structures with engineered photonic bandgaps; specifically photonic crystals (PhCs).

Current research directions include:

  1. nano-opto-fluidic PhC defect structures to enhance the sensitivity of laser induced fluorescence detection systems
  2. device fabrication methods and architectures for simple, co-integration with common materials used in microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip systems
  3. active tuning in nanoscale lattice structures for adaptive structures and color change coatings

Contact Information

Jeremy Dawson, Associate Professor
Phone: 304.293.4028 | Email: