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Optoelectronic Device Group

The Optoelectronic Device Group explores the optoelectronic applications of novel materials and nanostructures, focusing on high-efficiency inorganic, organic and hybrid light-emitting devices for energy and sensing applications.

Areas include:

  1. Study material and processing factors affecting the efficiency and reliability of AlInGaN light-emitting diodes, and fabricate high-brightness green, blue, and UV LEDs as lighting and excitation sources
  2. Synthesize organic nanostructures and develop efficient and stable organic LEDs suitable for next-generation displays and lighting
  3. engineer nanostructures including quantum dots, nanorods and photonic crystals for spontaneous emission modification and light extraction in optoelectronic devices.

Contact Information

Xian-An Cao, Assistant Professor
Phone: 304.293.9684 | Email: