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Amr ElSawy

A portrait of Amr Elsawy




BSEE from WVU 1977
MSEE George Washington University »MBA from Georgetown University 1988

Amr ElSawy earned his BSEE from WVU in 1977. He continued his education at George Washington University, earning an MSEE and then an MBA from Georgetown University, the latter in 1998.

In January 2007, Amr joined Noblis. As Executive Vice President and a Board Member at Noblis, Amr oversees the company's broad work programs. Noblis is a nonprofit science, technology and strategy organization working at all levels of government, in private industry and with other nonprofits in areas that are essential to our nation's well-being: national and homeland security; public safety; transportation; health care; criminal justice; energy and the environment; and oceans, atmosphere and space.

Prior to joining Noblis, Amr was senior vice president and general manager for MITRE's aviation and transportation security work program for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), NASA and international customers.

In 2005, Amr was elected Vice President of Standards and a member of the board of AIAA. He served as Chairman of RTCA from 2004-2006, and was a member of the FAA Research and Development Committee (REDAC). He served as the director of the FAA FFRDC from 1999-2006.

Amr established and ran public-private partnerships and grew MITRE's reputation and work in aviation systems and related fields. He has earned an international reputation as a leader in his field. His work experience includes research and development, complex systems engineering, modeling and simulation, and informing domestic and international aviation policy.

Amr and his wife Claudia have two daughters, Sara and Natalie. Amr was born in Egypt. In 2003, he and his family endowed the Samy E.G. Elias Scholarship in Engineering, to honor a long-time family friend and WVU faculty member who is known as the father of the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).