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Anjan Ghosal

A portrait of Anjan Ghosal




BSCE Indian Institute of Tech., Kharagpur,  1985
MSCS West Virginia University, 1988

Anjan K. Ghosal is President and CEO of IntelliNet Technologies Inc., Melbourne, FL. The company also has offices in Bangalore, India, and Torino, Italy.

Anjan Ghosal is a leading authority on SS7 technology and its progress over the last fifteen years. Anjan has consulted with a number of companies including MCI, Digital, GTE, and BellCore. He has led teams that have developed applications on over fifteen different protocol vendors' solutions. In 1992, Anjan founded IntelliNet Technologies, which provides SS7 technology and consulting to leading application developers, vendors and carriers worldwide. He has led IntelliNet though a continuing strong growth curve and over twenty awards, including the prestigious Inc. 500 award in 1999. In 2002, he was recognized by Ernst & Young as the Entrepreneur of the Year (Florida) for his contributions to the telecommunications industry. Anjan has authored several industry white papers and is quoted extensively in industry publications.

Anjan earned his BS (Chemical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 1985, and his MS (Computer Science), from WVU in 1988.

Anjan Ghosal is a serial entrepreneur in the telecommunications industry, whose most recent venture is Diametriq, a company built to focus on the ever increasing need for LTE signaling solutions. Diametriq was built on the assets of Intellinet Technologies which was a leading edge provider of converged network solutions targeting the wireless industry. In 2011 IntelliNet spun off its data offload businesses to Ruckus Wireless in a very successful exit.