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Harry L. Stemple

A portrait of Harry Stemple




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1964

Before retiring in 1993, Harry L. Stemple was CEO and Chairman of Comsearch, Inc., a telecommunications engineering company.

Mr. Stemple is a native of Berkeley Springs, WV. He received the BSEE degree from WVU in 1964, and pursued graduate studies at Syracuse and George Washington Universities.

Following graduation, he joined Atlantic Research Corporation in Alexandria, Virginia, and began a career in the technology of radio frequency interference, which he would pursue throughout his business life. In 1968 he became the twelfth employee and frequency manager for a start-up telecommunications company that eventually became MCI.

Mr. Stemple was a leader in frequency planning for the emerging alternate long distance carrier industry, and in 1977 he founded Comsearch, Inc., to provide engineering services to that market worldwide. During that period he wrote many trade magazine articles and was a frequent speaker at industry meetings. He served as President and CEO of Comsearch until he retired in 1993. In 1997 Comsearch celebrated its twentieth anniversary and employs over 300 engineers and computer scientists.