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J. Mark Pullen

A portrait of Mark Pullen




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1970 
 M.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1972 
D.Sc., George Washington University, 1981

Dr. Pullen is Associate Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University; he joined its faculty in 1992.

He is a native of Morgantown, WV, and received the BSEE degree, 1970, and the MSEE degree, 1972, from WVU. In 1981 he received the DSc degree from George Washington University.

After graduating from WVU he joined the U.S. Army where, for 21 years, he pursued a career in computer research and systems development for the Department of Defense. He also served as Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, 1983-85. He retired from the Army in 1993 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Upon retiring, Dr. Pullen was awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal.

During 1985-86 he served as an IEEE Congressional Fellow, providing technical support for the Computer Security Act and for authorizing-legislation for the National Bureau of Standards. In 1991 Dr. Pullen was elected an IEEE Fellow with the citation "for technical leadership in computing systems and networking." In 1995 he received the IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award "for designing and developing a worldwide network supporting distributed simulation and command and control technology for the Department of Defense."

Since retiring from the military, Dr. Pullen has had an active academic career. Currently he serves as Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center of Excellence in Command, Control, Communications, Computing and Intelligence at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia. He has been elected as a Fellow of the ACM for "contributions to information technology in transitioning the Internet from a Federal research project to commercial availability, and development of Internet distance education technologies." He has authored over 150 technical papers, mostly in IEEE and ACM publications and conferences, and a book "Understanding Internet Protocols" (Wiley, 2000).

Dr. Pullen is a resident of Shepherdstown, West Virginia and a Registered Professional Engineer in West Virginia and Virginia.


October 2012 update since induction on April 3, 1998:

Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University and Director, C4I Center from 2005. Teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in computer networking and networked virtual environments; leads research teams in Web-based techniques for interoperability of military command and control systems with simulations and in multimedia networking including effective, affordable Internet distance education. Principal Investigator for a three-year effort in Web-based interoperability sponsored by the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office and follow-on efforts sponsored by the US Army; Principal Investigator for the National Library of Medicine-sponsored "Visible Embryo" project by eight nationally-recognized medical and information technology teams that demonstrated the feasibility of advanced medical collaboration using visualization over high-performance networks across the US. Served as one of the principals in the Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (XMSF) initiative which led to use of Web technologies for interoperation of military simulation and C4I software systems; leader in Battle Management Language (BML) projects including Extensible BML, Joint BML, geoBML, and NATO Coalition BML. Developed Network EducationWare open-source synchronous Internet distance education software and used it to provide online MS degree programs in Computer Science. Led C4I Center to tenfold growth in project funding.