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Jeffry Sincell

A portrait of Jeffry Sincell




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1974 
B.A. Psychology, West Virginia University, 1974

Jeffry Sincell completed his studies at WVU in 1974 with a BSEE degree and a BA degree in Psychology, graduating Magna Cum Laude in both endeavors. In 1985 he founded Worst Case Associates, Inc. with his wife Linda, which provides design and analysis support of avionics development activities in several large corporations, notably General Electric, RCA, Martin Marietta and Lockheed Martin.

After graduating from WVU, he joined General Electric in Philadelphia working on the MK12A arming and fusing system for the Minuteman 111 reentry vehicle. Specializing in worst case analysis and failure modes and effects he worked on assuring safety and reliability of the MK21 fusing electronics for the Peacekeeper missile, the NASA Standard Tape Recorder, a stores management system for the F-18 aircraft, and a host of other military, industrial and commercial apparatus designs.

In 1989, Mr. Sincell began working as a systems integrator on the Mars Observer spacecraft with GE and helped NASA,using the spare MO equipment, to build the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) with Lockheed Martin Astronautics. He was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal in 1998 for his contribution to the success of the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS), which remains actively engaged today.

He continued service in the aerospace business as an integrator for Lockheed Martin working on the EOS-AM1 (Terra) earth science platform, which was successfully launched in December 1999.