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M. Dayne Aldridge

A portrait of Dayne Aldridge




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1963
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia
D.Sc., University of Virginia

M. Dayne Aldridge received the BSEE degree from WVU and the Rufus West Award in 1963. While working for NASA he received the MSEE and DSc degrees from the University of Virginia. As a WVU faculty member in electrical engineering, he led the development of WVU's Mine Monitoring Program. The design basics of the WVU system are used in many commercial systems now on the market. In cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Mines, he established the Coal Mine Electrotechnology Conferences which have been held biennially since 1972. From 1979-1984 he directed the WVU Energy Research Center.

Dr. Aldridge is an expert in mine monitoring, mine electronics, industrial electronics and now serves as Secretary of the IEEE Industrial Applications Society. He is the Director of the Thomas Walter Center for Technology Management at Auburn University.

After serving in various administrative and professorial roles in the Auburn University College of Engineering from 1984 to 1999, he served as Dean of Engineering at Mercer University from 1999 to 2008 at the time of his retirement. In addition Dayne served the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission as a volunteer member and officer from 1991 to 2001, and then continued with ABET in a part-time role as the Adjunct Accreditation Director for Engineering from 2002 until the present.