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Ramana Reddy

A portrait of Ramana Reddy





Ramana Reddy is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at WVU, where he received his Ph.D. in 1973. During his long academic career he made pioneering contributions to the areas of Knowledge Based Simulation, Concurrent Engineering, and Healthcare Informatics. Under his leadership, the first web based electronic medical record system, ARTEMIS was built in 1992 at the Concurrent Engineering Research Center. This system subsequently became a commercial product. Prof. Reddy also organized CERES-GKN, an international consortium for promotion of sustainable development in 1993, long before the topic gained its current importance.

Prof. Reddy's research in Artificial Intelligence led to creation of the Bell Atlantic Knowledge Systems Inc., WVU's first software spin-off company.

In 1986, Prof. Reddy, working with local business leaders, created an initiative to develop high-tech industry in West Virginia. This came to be known as the Software Valley that was championed by the late US Senator Robert C. Byrd. The thriving software industry in West Virginia can trace its roots to that initiative.

Prof. Reddy's current research focus is on the development of a system, Knowledge Advantage Machine to address challenges associated with the information explosion problem.