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Reuben Lee

A portrait of Reuben Lee




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1924

Reuben Lee was born in England, moved to West Virginia as a youth, graduated from Beckley High School and in 1924 received a BSEE degree from WVU. Following graduation he joined Westinghouse to begin a professional career with them that lasted 41 years.

In his Westinghouse career he was an industrial control engineer, a radio transmitter design engineer, an inductive components engineer, and advisory engineer for inductive component design and development, and finally a consulting engineer for advanced development.

In 1960 Reuben Lee received Westinghouse's highest award, the Order of Merit for his development of the first radar pulse transformer and outstanding technical accomplishments in the fields of insulating and magnetic materials. Reuben was also commended for his untiring efforts to increase the professional stature of engineers and the profession.

Reuben was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Radio Engineers "for contributions to the design and development of inductive components." He authored the book Electronic Transformers and Circuits and is the coauthor of six other books. He has authored about 70 technical articles and is the author or coauthor of 26 US patents. Reuben Lee retired from Westinghouse in 1965 after 41 years and is now an independent consulting engineer.