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Ronald P. Doyle

A portrait of Ron Doyle




BS Computer Science, West Virginia University, 1985
MS Computer Science, West Virginia University, 1986
MS Duke University, 2001
PH.D. Computer Science, Duke University, 2003

Ron Doyle graduated from West Virginia University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In 1986 he received his Master of Science degree in Computer Science also from West Virginia University. In 2003 he received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Duke University, with a doctoral dissertation entitled "Model-based Adaptive Resource Provisioning in a Web Service Utility." Ron is a West Virginia native from the town of Ravenswood, graduating as Valedictorian of Ravenswood High School in 1981.

Ron is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the System House Advanced Design and Technology department of IBM's Software Group. During his career at IBM he has served as chief programmer, chief architect, project lead, and individual contributor while working on software products ranging from operating systems and communications systems to web applications. He currently leads a team developing provisioning solutions as part of IBM's On-Demand initiative and jointly develops projects with IBM Research.

Ron is an IBM Master Inventor, with over 50 US patents filed. He is also a member of the IBM RTP Enterprise Technologies patent board and a board member of the IBM RTP Center for Advanced Studies, which works with regional universities on joint research projects.

Ron is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in Software Group (SWG), responsible for leading the xSWG project incubation program, the xSWG Research Joint Projects program and for Software Virtualization Enablement across IBM. He previously led cross division projects with WebSphere, Tivoli, Rational, STG and IBM Research in the areas of automated provisioning, middleware deployment, content distribution and content management. He serves as the IBM representative for the DMTF Open Virtual Format (OVF) standard and also serves as a Commissioner to ABET for university accreditation. He is responsible for the IBM SWG Installation strategy and is patent technology lead for SWG for Software Systems Architecture. He is an IBM Master Inventor (with >75 filed patents) and is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.