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Timothy Sesow

A portrait of Timothy Sesow




BS in Computer Science at WVU 1979

Timothy Sesow received his baccalaureate degree in computer science in 1979 from West Virginia University. He is currently the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Open Source Storage Inc., Littleton, CO, a company that develops and markets tape and optical disc archival solutions for television broadcasting, medical records and satellite telemetry.

Tim's contributions include experience and success in developing emerging technologies in computer data storage and data networking. He is truly an entrepreneur, having founded numerous successful technology companies, as well as holding senior positions in a number of companies since his graduation.

He was a lecturer in Computer Science at WVU (1979-1982), where he taught undergraduate classes in data structures and file system design, did research work on distributed data base design, assisted in expert systems for coal mine layout and processing.

After leaving WVU, he was a senior engineer for PRC in Honolulu, where he architected and developed a Wide Area, TCP/IP-based computer network for the US Air Forces in the Republic of Korea at 26 remote sites, and successfully implemented one of the first TCP/IP (Internet) networks in the world. Moving to Colorado, he worked for Martin Marietta Corp as Director of Pacific Systems, managing programs on Intelligence Systems and secure intel/ops workstations, as well as IR&D work on parallel processing for mail sorting for the US Postal Service. He was a recipient of the Martin Marietta Corporation Excalibur Award.

He served as Vice President and General Manager of Titan Client Server Technology, a NYSE-traded company, doing archival storage systems.

He founded Automated Network Technologies in 1992, building it to a sizeable business that he sold to Qualix Corporation in 1996 (subsequently acquired by Legato and later EMC). He stayed with the merger for two years, and then did various consulting jobs.

In 2000 Tim invested in a small storage reseller in Denver and, as Vice President of Engineering, oversaw all of the storage upgrades for the FBI Fingerprint Center in Clarksburg, WV as well as large archive systems for NOAA, Disney, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

In 2006 he founded Open Source Storage Inc.

Mr. Sesow is married to Karen Ashworth Sesow, another WVU graduate in computer science, and they have two sons, Matthew and Stephen, who are both college students. He currently resides in Littleton, Colorado, and was nominated by Malcolm Lane.