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Willam D. Hall

A portrait of William Hall




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1934 
 M.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1935 
EE, West Virginia University, 1940 
JD, George Washington University, 1946

William D. (Bill) Hall, born in Elkins, WV, received the degrees BSEE (1934), MSEE (1935), and EE (1940) from WVU and JD (1946) from George Washington University.

After nearly four years at General Electric, he invented and designed several new electrical measuring instruments that were placed on the market. He worked for the War Department from 1939-47.

During World War II, he served on a high level board of experts who dealt with the latest inventions including radar and other electronic devices. From 1945-47, he was in charge of settling wartime patent claims against the Signal Corps.

Since 1947 he has been in private practice as a patent attorney. He litigated disputes over the basic patent rights to the radar, the electronic computer and other important inventions. Moreover, he has worked with many start-up companies and other small firms whose businesses were developed around inventions.