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William C. Jones

A portrait of William Jones




B.S. Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University, 1949 
M.S. Electrical Engineering, MIT, 1952

Born in Brooklyn, NY, William C. Jones served 2 years in the U.S. Navy, received the BSEE degree from WVU in 1949 and the MSEE degree from MIT in 1952. He then joined Bell Laboratories and in May 1992 celebrated 40 years with the AT&T system.

Throughout his career he has worked with switching systems. In 1960 he was involved with the initial experimental stored program control telephone switching system. In 1965 he had design responsibility for network programs and data base programs for the IESS. Later he was responsible for data base software development for the 1/1AESS, 2/2BESS, and 3ESS* and in-service support for cellular telephone and packet switching systems.

Later he was responsible for planning, current engineering, field support, and capacity engineering for the 1/1AESS, 2/2BESS, 3ESS and 5ESS. His current position is Network Reliability Director which involves work with FCC mandated network reliability council as well as with internal AT&T processes and programs.

*ESS is an AT&T trademark for stored program control telephone switching systems.