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Application Procedures

Regardless of the admission entrance requirements you fulfill, you must apply to WVU as a graduate student, following the procedures given here. NOTE: There is no hard deadline for admission. However, you are strongly urged to submit your application at least two full months before the semester you plan to start classes. If you apply later, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to begin the program at the expected time.

The application packet submitted should include:

1. Prospective student information requested on the application form

2. Personal Statement about why you wish to enter the program

3. Three letters of reference showing 3 years of software industry work experience (if not taking the GRE)

4. An Official Transcript from an accredited university sent directly to WVU Admissions

5. TOEFL or IETLS is accepted if the prospective student's first language is not English

Regular Graduate Students:

To apply to the MSSE program as a regular graduate student, complete a WVU graduate application, indicating that you are applying for the MSSE degree (code 3081). Take the general GREs and have the results sent to WVU.

Provisional Graduate Students:

To apply to the MSSE program under the provisional graduate student requirements, complete a WVU graduate application, indicating that you are applying for the MSSE degree (Statler College Provisional, code 3081). List software engineering as your area of concentration. You must also submit with your initial application an initial resume which documents at least one year of work experience in software development. The resume should be submitted with your initial application but may be sent to the address below.

The three letters of reference attesting to your work experience and an updated resume showing at least three years of work experience in software development should be submitted to the address below at the time you apply for transfer to regular graduate student status in the MSSE degree program. This should be done by going to the Transfer to Regular page.

All Students:

When you submit your application online, you will be assigned a WVU ID immediately. Remember this ID. It will be needed to check your application status online. It will also be used to register online for your first term after your acceptance has been processed. No other code is needed for your first term registration. When you have submitted your application, please send a brief email message to Dale Dzielski ( This will let us know that your application is on its way.