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Graduation Procedures

The following checklist identifies the steps that must be taken during or prior to your intended graduation semester:


You must be registered for at least one credit hour the semester you graduate.

Application for Graduation

An application for graduation must be completed online by the specified deadline. No fee is required. This must be done during the semester you are planning to graduate. Deadlines are typically set for early October and early March, to allow time for diplomas to be prepared.

The application for graduation must be submitted online. No paper applications will be accepted. To apply, login to STAR, select the "student services" tab, and click "apply to graduate".

Plan of Study must be completed and typed.

You must use the plan of study form available on this website. This should be signed by you and sent to Dale Dzielski. We will take care of getting the other required signatures. (Special procedures apply if you are pursuing the problem report or thesis option.)

Alumni Data form

After the above has been completed you must fill out and sign the alumni data form which can be obtained downloaded from the Statler College Student Service website.

Final Approval Form

It is not necessary for you to submit this form. We will complete it for you.


If you are planning to come to Morgantown to finish your paperwork, please contact Dale Dzielski for an appointment.