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Research Options

Most students in the MSSE program pursue the coursework only option, which requires completion of 33 hours of coursework. However, some students may elect to follow a traditional research program, using either the problem report option or the thesis option.

The problem report option requires completion of a project, worth three hours, plus 30 hours of coursework. The thesis option entails six hours of research and 24 hours of coursework. The thesis option requires development of a publishable research result.

Both options have some differences from the usual MSSE procedures, including:

  1. Students must identify a research advisor to supervise their work, who must be a regular faculty member in LCSEE.
  2. Students must form an individual graduate committee headed by their research advisor.
  3. Completion of the research must be done under the close supervision of the research advisor. Normally this may require time spent on the Morgantown campus.
  4. Defense of the project or thesis must take place in the presence of your entire committee, normally in Morgantown.

Further information may be found in the current Graduate Catalog. Students interested in pursuing the research option should contact Dale Dzielski to discuss your plans.