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LCSEE Learning Center

The LCSEE Learning Center has peer tutors to help students with current courses or help with studying.

  • All tutoring is by appointment through Navigate
  • Appointments can be scheduled online or in person in AER 138
  • Schedules are set by the tutors and are subject to their availability
  • Please be considerate of your tutor’s time by
    • Scheduling in advance and
    • Showing up for your appointment
  • Courses with tutors available:
    • CS 110, 111, 210, 220, 230, 320, 350
    • CPE 271
    • EE 221, 223, 251

If you would like to receive tutoring for a CS, CPE, CYBE, or EE class not listed, please use this Tutoring Course Request form. Please note that submitting a request is only an indicator of need and the LC will try and accommodate the need but may not always be available. Any further questions or comments may be directed to the LCSEE-LC Director with the subject header "LCSEE-LC".

LCSEE-LC Director: Tom Devine, PhD
Director LCSEE Learning Center
Teaching Assistant Professor, LCSEE
West Virginia University, CEMR
Office: 337 AER | (304) 293-9143