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LCSEE Learning Center

The LCSEE Learning Center has peer tutors to help students with current courses or help with studying.

  • Individual tutoring is available by appointment through Navigate
  • Appointments can be either online or in person in AER 138
  • Drop-in tutoring has returned and is available in AER 138 according to the Drop-In Tutoring Schedule
  • Schedules are set by the tutors and are subject to their availability
  • Please be considerate of your tutor’s time by
    • Scheduling in advance and
    • Showing up for your appointment
  • Courses with tutors available:
    • CS 110, 111, 210, 220, 230, 310, 320, 350, 410, 450
    • CPE 271, 272, 310, 311
    • EE 221, 251, 355
    • CYBE 266

If you would like to receive tutoring for a CS, CPE, CYBE, or EE class not listed, please use this Tutoring Course Request form. Please note that submitting a request is only an indicator of need and we cannot guarantee a tutor will be made available.

Any further questions or comments may be directed to the LCSEE-LC Director with the subject header "LCSEE-LC".

LCSEE-LC Director: Tom Devine, PhD
Director LCSEE Learning Center
Teaching Assistant Professor, LCSEE
West Virginia University, CEMR
Office: 337 AER | (304) 293-9143