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Electronics and Photonics

Area 1

The Electronics and Photonics Area at WVU is comprised of a close-knit set of interdependent and collaborating groups exploring novel materials, structures and devices for achieving next-generation electronic, photonic and fluidic circuit and system functions. In most cases, our research groups are highly interdisciplinary with students and faculty spanning the engineering, physical and health sciences.

Our groups work together to develop and maintain an extensive lab environment for design, growth, fabrication and characterization as well as circuit and system-on-chip design, test, and evaluation. Our group founded and now shares in the oversight of the WVU Nanosystems Engineering Shared Clean Room, just one part of the extensive shared facilities available for research through the WVNano Initiative, in which our area plays a key role.

Together with the specialized labs of the faculty a full suite of capabilities are in place for students to pursue their research.

Representative Labs

M.S. Core Courses

EE 550 Advanced Semiconductor Electronics
EE 551 Linear Integrated Circuits

Ph.D. Qualifier Core Courses

EE 550 Advanced Semiconductor Electronics
EE 551 Linear Integrated Circuits
EE 650 Optoelectronic Devices

Elective Courses

EE 435 Power Electronics
EE 437 Fiber Optic Communications
EE 455 Introduction to Microfabrication
EE 457/591 Fundamentals of Photonics
EE 528 Biomedical Microdevices
EE 591L Neuromorphic VLSI
EE 650 Optoelectronic Devices
EE 694 Electronics/Photonics Seminars
Phys 771 Intermediate Solid State Physics I
Phys 772 Intermediate Solid State Physics II
Phys 773 Advanced Solid State Physics
ChE 466 Thin Films
Biol 493/593 Molecular Recognition Elements and Sensors