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Systems and Signals

Area 2

The Signals and Systems Area at WVU is engaged in research related to the analysis and processing of signals. The area includes the following disciplines:

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Communication Theory
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Image and Video Processing
  • Control Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Information and Coding Theory

In addition to the core courses, a wide variety of elective course in the above areas are offered on a regular basis. The faculty in the area are associated with several vibrant labs that each serve as the hub of activity for a particular research area. The individual labs are highlighted below.

Representative labs

M.S. Core Courses

EE 513 Stochastic Systems Theory
EE 515 Linear Control Systems

Ph.D. Qualifier Core Courses

EE 513 Stochastic Systems Theory (Exam topics)
EE 515 Linear Control Systems
EE 533 Computer Applications in Power Systems Analysis

Elective Courses

EE 461 Intro to Communication Systems
EE 465 Intro to Image Processing
EE 517 Optimal Control
EE 519 Digital Control
EE 531 Advanced Electrical Machinery
EE 533 Computer Applications in Power System Analysis
EE 535 Power System Control and Stability
EE 561 Communication Theory
EE 562 Wireless Communication System
EE 565 Advanced Image Processing
EE 567 Coding Theory
EE 568 Information Theory
EE 569 Digital Video Processing
EE 613 Detection and Estimation
EE 625 Advanced Signal Processing
EE 713 Large-Scale System Modeling
EE 731 Real Time Control of Power System
EE 733 Protection of Power Systems