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Graduate Forms

Release of Advising Hold / Approval of Research Hours

LCSEE graduate students may use this form to request a release of an Advising Hold and/or to obtain department approval to register for Research Hours. To release the Advising Hold, student must first meet with their advisor to review their course schedule. Students must have their Plan of Study in place prior to the third semester of registration. To register for Research Hours, students must have the consent of their research advisor and will register for a course that is appropriate to their degree (CS 697, CS 797, EE 697, EE 797, SENG 697, or CPE 797).

Application for GTA / Meritorious Waiver

Current or recently admitted LCSEE graduate students may use this form to apply for a graduate teaching assistantship (GTA) and/or meritorious tuition waivers. The same form is used for both requests — the applicant will have the ability to select if they are applying for GTA, waivers, or both. Note that a GTA position automatically comes with a full tuition waiver. Applicants that apply for both will be considered for waivers if they are not selected for a GTA position. When you apply, please have the following information available: Your GPA, your GRE scores/percentiles, and if you are applying for GTA, your CV and your preferred teaching assignments. The due date for GTA positions is May 31 for the Fall semester and Oct. 31 for the Spring semester. Waivers may be requested at any time, but the department is allocated a limited number of waivers and might not have any remaining for late applicants.

Supplemental MS Plan of Study

Plan of Study (MS)

Plan of Study (PhD)

AEC Committee Modification 

This form is used to remove/replace a member of a student's AEC committee. Along with this form the student will need to update their Plan of Study Signature Page, obtain all signatures again, then submit both the Modification form and the updated Plan of Study to the LCSEE Program Coordinator

Request for PhD Qualifying Examination